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Welcome to my website

I hope that you find my website interesting and informative. The site contains information about what I have been doing in the area locally, as well as how I have been representing you in Parliament on your behalf.

Alternatively, you could follow me on Twitter or visit my Facebook page.

Most importantly, my website provides you with an opportunity to contact me with your views, and to let me know what is important to you. I encourage you to complete the on-line ‘Community Survey’ located under the ‘Contact Nick’ tab.

All my contact details are on the website. Alternatively you can simply fill in your details and questions or comments in the “Contact” section of this site.

I have also provided links for the Victorian Parliament and local information.

I hope you enjoy using my site, and I look forward to your feedback.

Kind regards,


Nick Wakeling MP
Member for Ferntree Gully
Shadow Minister for Education



Latest News

Respectful Relationships isn’t about Respect

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Reports today that Daniel Andrews’ revamped Respectful Relationships curriculum will teach Victorian children that men and boys are conditioned by society to dominate women will ring alarm bells for parents. The Respectful Relationships curriculum has moved so far from its’...
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Knox first responder police numbers slashed while crime surges

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With crime at record levels, front line police are being cut under Daniel Andrews. Knox has seen a 12% jump in crime while police numbers have been slashed by more than 8%. There are now 11 fewer first responder police in Knox since 2014. That means fewer police to attend urgent...
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Equal Opportunity (Religious Exceptions) Bill 2016

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Daniel Andrews is continuing his attack on freedom of religion with a bill that will force religious schools to hire people who might be hostile to the values of that school.  There is no need for this bill as the current law which the Coalition introduced in 2011 achieves the...
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