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Road rules should be based on common sense.

Too many road rules have been designed by bureaucrats. Some of their ideas might be good on paper, but in the real world they create more problems than they fix.

I want to know what you think about a range of issues, including red lights on freeway merges, differential speed limits for trucks, and freeway speed limits.

I also want your ideas for rules that should be changed, or new rules that you think should be introduced.

Please complete the following Survey

  1. Do you support the recent installation of red lights on freeway merges?
  2. Do you support better information or other measures to ensure foreign drivers know Victorian road rules prior to being allowed to drive in Victoria?
  3. On metropolitan freeways with variable speed signs, do you support a default speed limit of 100km/h?
  4. Do you support changes requiring roadwork speed limits to only be in force when roadworks are actually occurring?
  5. Do you support a trial to allow motorists to make ‘left turns on red’ at some intersections, as practiced in other Australian states?
  6. Do you support changes to ensure ‘keep left unless overtaking’ is enforced?
  7. Do you support changes to flashing 40km/h speed signs that are located in shopping strips, so that they only operate during business hours?
  8. Do you support changes to simplify parking rules and signage?
  9. Do you believe more public education is required on Victoria’s road rules?

What other road rules do you believe need to be changed or simplified?

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