Andrews must choose, is it Victorians or unions first?

Wednesday 17 April 2019

Andrews must choose, is it Victorians or unions first?

Revelations that CFMEU officials are dictating to Daniel Andrews as to how Victorian work sites should be run is confirmation of the unhealthy relationship between the Labor Government and Victoria’s militant unions.

It has been reported that in a secret meeting with union officials, Daniel Andrews was put under intense pressure to bend to the union’s will, raising significant concerns as to who is actually running the state.

The Liberal Nationals believe that all workplaces should be safe and productive and free from intimidation and lawlessness.

Daniel Andrews should protect all Victorian workers and ensure law and order is enforced at all workplaces.

Daniel Andrews needs to decide if he is a Premier working in the best interests of Victorians, or if he is beholden to his union masters.

Will he stand up for everyday Victorians? Or will he allow militant unions to run Victoria?

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