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Something stinks

Daniel Andrews can’t even get rubbish collection right.

Reports today that residents in two councils will cease to have their rubbish collected will have Victorians crying foul.

Already one Victorian recycler has been forced to halt curb side rubbish and recycling collection from Macedon and Mount Alexander Shire Councils amid mounting costs, with a warning there may be more to come.

Daniel Andrews has had nine months to assure rubbish collectors and councils that they won’t be slugged with the cost of his failure to deal with this crisis.

On 18 July 2017, China announced it would impose an import ban on certain types of plastic and paper waste from the end of 2017.

With the highest unemployment rate in the country, soaring electricity costs, a crime wave, choking traffic congestion, and now rubbish mounting on the footpath – Daniel Andrews is failing the most simple tests of government.