State Budget 2014: Making our communities safer



Protecting our communities

Building a safer Victoria remains a key priority for the Napthine Government.

Expanding our prison capacity ensures that if you do the crime, you do the time.

More police and better police stations

The Napthine Government is completing the largest recruitment in Victoria Police’s history with 1,700 additional police officers and 940 Protective Service Officers.

Better resourcing of police

$13 million is also allocated for taser equipment for 24 hour police units in regional Victoria, and $12 million to relocate the Victoria Police Mounted Branch from South Melbourne to redeveloped stables in Attwood.

Increasing prison capacity

The Napthine Government will invest $447 million to expand Victoria’s prison capacity, supporting the tougher parole laws we have introduced.
The Budget increases prison capacity by 871 beds and provides new units, relocatable units and infrastructure upgrades across the prison system, including at Dame Phyllis Frost Centre, Beechworth Correctional Centre and Langi Kal Kal Prison.
The ongoing commitment to invest in expanding our prison capacity will employ an additional 110 prison jobs across Victoria.
Supporting fire services
Over the last four years, the Napthine Government has invested more than $3.1 billion in Victoria’s fire services.
This Budget continues that investment with $783 million total funding. This includes:

  • $457 million for the Country Fire Authority
  • $326 million for the Metropolitan Fire Brigade
  • Further investment in the CFA, with 78 new vehicles for brigades across Victoria

The Napthine Government will maintain its tough stance on criminal behaviour and we will continue to look at new ways to improve community safety. We make no apologies for building new prisons or cracking down on organised crime and gang activity. Victorians deserve nothing less than to feel safe and secure at home or in their community.

“We understand how important law and order is to all Victorians and will continue to invest in initiatives that make our communities safer.”
Denis Napthine MP, Premier

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