$1.2 billion invested in skills, education and training

Investing in Victoria’s future by boosting skills, education and training

$30 million reskilling package for automotive supply chain workers

Building a better training system for job seekers and industry

The Victorian Coalition Government is committing $1.2 billion per year, and with an additional $30 million package for automotive supply chain workers in the 2014-15 Victorian State Budget, Minister for Higher Education and Skills Nick Wakeling said today.

“The Coalition Government is investing in skills, education and training with a $1.2 billion commitment per year to Vocational Education and Training. This significant investment provides support and access to training for people to develop the skills needed to take advantage of new opportunities emerging in the economy,” Mr Wakeling said.

“The 2014-15 Victorian State Budget is centred around new major job-creating infrastructure and the Victorian Coalition Government is committed to investing in the future and helping Victorians be skill-ready to take advantage of job opportunities.

“The Coalition Government’s $1.2 billion per year investment in training represents more than a 50 per cent increase on the Budget provided by Labor in its last year in office.

“On top of this, the Coalition Government has announced a $30 million package over two years for reskilling automotive supply chain workers, supported by $54 million of indirect financial support already committed to transitioning the automotive sector and affected communities.

“Affected automotive supply chain workers will have access to careers advisers and be eligible for government funding to retrain and reskill into relevant training, helping them transition into new and growing industry sectors.

“The Victorian Coalition Government is committed to building a better Victoria and that means assisting these affected workers to gain meaningful and long term employment in other industries.

“The 2014-15 Victorian State Budget is creating a stronger more diverse and flexible economy which will lead to future opportunities for jobs growth.

“This significant investment in Vocational Education and Training reflects the vital role skills-based training plays in the Victorian Coalition Government’s economic strategy to build a better Victoria,” Mr Wakeling said.

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