Project aims to increase the number of young women in apprenticeships

  • Increasing the number of women in traditional trades
  • Offering female school students apprenticeship opportunities
  • Victorian Coalition Government building a better future for job seekers

Young women from Melbourne’s north are being encouraged to pursue a career in trades, as part of an initiative launched today by Minister for Higher Education and Skills Nick Wakeling.

The Women in Trades project will give teenage girls in years 10-12 from 40 state schools in Melbourne’s northern suburbs the opportunity to identify and pursue apprenticeship opportunities.

“Fewer than 10 per cent of traditional apprentices are currently women. If you take out hairdressing – a field dominated by women – the number of female apprentices drops to less than six per cent,” Mr Wakeling said.

“The Women in Trades project engages with students and employers to address the current gender imbalance.”

Developed by not-for-profit training organisation APlus Apprentice and Trainee Services – with a $100,000 innovation grant from the Victorian Coalition Government – the project aims to increase the number of young women completing traditional trade apprenticeships.

The project will also build strong links with industry to encourage employers to put on and retain female apprentices.

“This is part of the Victorian Coalition Government’s plan to encourage women to pursue careers in trades, where they currently don’t have a strong representation,” Mr Wakeling said.

“Apprentices continue to form a core part of Victoria’s vocational training and education system, a network in which the Napthine Government is investing $1.2 billion per year over four years.

“The Coalition Government continues to encourage and support apprenticeships, as shown by its continued high subsidy level for apprenticeships,” Mr Wakeling said.

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