Victoria's household recycling is going to landfill, when it should be converted into goods that our community needs.

Meanwhile, the Andrews Government is sitting on $400 million in unused bin taxes that could be used on recycling solutions.

I want your feedback on recycling and your ideas on how we can fix Victoria's recycling crisis.

Please complete the following Survey

  1. Do you support the decision of the Andrews Government to divert the bin tax away from recycling solutions?
  2. Did you know that mismanagement of recycling collection means recycling is going to landfill?
  3. Are you worried about Victoria's recycling crisis?
  4. Should the more than $400 million in bin taxes be used to fix this problem?
  5. Do you support smart solutions to recycling, like converting plastics into park benches, bollards and walkways?
  6. What are your ideas on how we can fix Victoria's recycling crisis?

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