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Litter and recycling is a growing problem. We need smart and practical ideas to clean up our environment. A ‘Cash for Containers’ scheme will help reduce litter, improve recycling, and create new fundraising opportunities for sporting and community groups.

Cash for Containers operate in other states like NSW and SA, and gives people cash back for cans, glass and plastic bottles they return to a collection centre - helping to reduce litter, reduce landfill and increase recycling.

A Victorian scheme will be designed in consultation with industry, including manufacturers, retailers, and hospitality providers, to maximise community benefits.

In other states with a similar scheme, sporting and community groups have been the big winners using the money to invest in new equipment and infrastructure.

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  1. Do you support a 'Cash for Containers' scheme here and elsewhere in Victoria?
  2. Where would you like to see 'Cash for Containers' collection points in Knox?
  3. Would you use a 'Cash for Containers' scheme?
  4. Do you know a sporting/community group who would benefit from a 'Cash of Containers' scheme?

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