Albanese sacks Setka, Andrews backs John Setka

Tuesday 11 June 2019

While Albanese is sacking John Setka, Daniel Andrews is backing John Setka.

Daniel Andrews has been pleaded with to stand up and call out John Setka’s comments and his behaviour. He’s refused to do it.

Shockingly, Daniel Andrews still keeps John Setka as a member of one of his Government’s boards that is overseeing Labor’s ‘Women in Construction’ strategy.

What is it going to take for Daniel Andrews to call out John Setka? What will it take for Daniel Andrews to stand up John Setka, call out this behaviour and sack him from this government board?

Daniel Andrews should have done weeks ago what Anthony Albanese has done today

Daniel Andrews has backed John Setka when he can and should have sacked him. The strength of Anthony Albanese’s decision today exposes the weakness of Daniel Andrews’ position on this important issue.

It’s time for Daniel Andrews to show some leadership and show John Setka the door – today.

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