Every day that Labor defends John Setka is another day their values are diminished

Wednesday 5 June 2019

Today in Question Time, Workplace Safety Minister Jill Hennessy was left exposed as a hypocrite as she defended CFMMEU boss John Setka who has indicated he’ll plead guilty to charges of harassing a woman.

It’s the same Minister who immediately demanded former Labor candidate John Anderson resign from a government board when he was outed for harassing others. 

It’s also the same Minister who recently said: “Sadly it is common for family violence perpetrators to target women in the workplace, creating a health and safety risk.”

But since learning that John Setka will plead guilty to charges of harassing a woman and breaching a court order, Jill Hennessy has had nothing to say about removing the CFMMEU boss from all government boards.

There is nothing sadder in politics than when a Minister sells out their principles for political power.

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