Luke Donnellan slapped down by his own bureaucrat at PAEC

Friday 14 June 2019

Ageing Minister Luke Donnellan was embarrassingly slapped down by his own bureaucrat at last night’s Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC) hearing.

Under questioning from Liberal Nationals members on the impact of the Andrews Government’s decision to strip working capital away from community banks and centralise it with Westpac in Sydney, the Minister was adamant the changes would not have any impact on rural health services, many of which provide residential aged care services.

In a clear demonstration the hapless Minister was not across his brief, the Minister’s own bureaucrat was forced to intervene and contradict Mr Donnellan by confirming the changes would indeed impact a range of rural health services.

Rural health services such as Portland District Health and Heywood Rural Health, which run residential aged care, have indicated they’re set to lose millions of dollars of aged-care bonds and community grants as a result of the Andrews Government’s changes to banking.

The Minister’s bureaucrat also confirmed that the Andrews Government would provide rural health services with compensation.

Daniel Andrews needs to pull his hapless Ageing Minister into line, or find a replacement.

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