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Victoria: The Child Protection State

Thursday 23 January 2020

Today’s Report on Government Services confirms that child abuse in Victoria is out of control under the Andrews Labor Government.

The report found there were 18,883 substantiated reports of abuse or neglect in 2018/19, the highest number in Australia.

Victoria also admitted 3,993 children to care and protection orders for the first time, more than twice any other state or territory.

The findings in the report follow the Commissioner for Children and Young People’s damning ‘Lost, not forgotten’ report, which found child protection support remained ineffective, and revelations that more than 14,000 calls to the Andrews Labor Government’s child abuse hotline were left un-answered between January 2018 and August 2019.

It’s clear that more and more children are becoming victims of abuse in Victoria, and that the Andrews Labor Government isn’t doing enough to stamp it out.

The Liberal Nationals want to see more done to prevent child abuse so all children can have a safer, brighter future.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Child Protection, Nick Wakeling:

“Child abuse is spiralling out of control under Daniel Andrews, who can’t even ensure that phone calls seeking help for vulnerable children are being answered.

“The Andrews Labor Government are sleepwalking through a growing crisis in child protection and are failing to keep children safe.

“The Andrews Labor Government needs to start taking child welfare more seriously, and ensure that vulnerable children get the support they need.”

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