Why is John Setka still listed as a member of an Andrews Government Board?

Friday 14 June 2019

It’s now two weeks since the Liberal Nationals uncovered that disgraced CFMMEU boss John Setka is still a member of a Government Board, and three days since Daniel Andrews said he’d remove him.

So why is Mr Setka still listed as a member of the Building Industry Consultative Council on the Government’s own list of Public Boards?

If Daniel Andrews was serious about calling out Mr Setka’s behaviour he would have removed him from all Government Boards as soon as he learned he’d plead guilty to charges of harassing a woman. 

There is no place in our society for violence against women, and it is untenable for Daniel Andrews and his Labor colleagues to stand idly by in light of Mr Setka’s planned guilty plea.

This whole saga is a test of Daniel Andrews’ leadership.

He must show publicly that he’s cut all ties between his government and John Setka, and do so immediately.

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